Construction "Screaming Along" at King West Life

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The construction phase at the East Liberty site (a 3-tower podium based development located at 65, 75 and 85 East Liberty Street) is in full swing with a tower crane overlooking each tower. The precast panels are currently being made off-site and the windows are schedule to go into production next week. The east tower(65 East Liberty St.) has reach the 6th floor with the other two towers following closely along.

Phase 1 occupancies are expected to begin in June of 2012 with Phase 2 and 3 to follow shortly thereafter.

The lease for the sales center, located at the SW corner of Strachan Avenue and East Liberty Street, has expired and the structure has been demolished. Opening of a new sales center is contemplated elsewhere in the area until construction has progressed sufficiently to move the sales center into one of the projects in 2012.

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