Secondary Plan Amendment Process – On Schedule

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The Secondary Plan(SP) amendment for the Nigus parcel(south) continues to progress favorably and on schedule. The SP will be comprised of a comprehensive number  maps and schedules, as well as various studies and background reports which will govern how the area is to be developed: where the low-density (homes), schools and parks will be located and divided throughout the property; how the site will be serviced by infrastructure (sewers, water and roads); and how the environment will be protected and enhanced throughout the development process.  The aforementioned reports will be submitted,  individually upon their completion, for review and approval to the respective Agencies within the Municipality.

As part of a massive expansion initiative throughout Canada, the American discount retailer – Target is taking over the Zellers store, currently located on 900 Tower Street S., in the Fergus Mall. The store is scheduled to close on September 15 2012, and will undergo massive renovations – set to be complete in the spring of 2013. The proximity of the store’s location to the development site is illustrated below: