Greybrook's Developer Partner Profile: Murray Goldman of The Goldman Group

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Last week, the team at the Toronto Star’s ventured out to the Entertainment District to visit Murray Goldman, a life long real estate developer who has more than 100 projects to his name. We were lucky enough to pick his brain on Toronto, his history in development, as well as his new project with The Monarch Group, Picasso on Richmond.

NewInHomes (NIH): How did you get your start in the real estate industry?

Murray Goldman (MG): It started when I was in my early 20s. I was a real estate agent helping others make money, so I decided that it was time for me to make money, and I started to look at development. From there, I’ve been involved with over 110 projects. Recently, I was awarded “Man of the Year” by the development industry in honour of my work. I also read about a group call the “Humanists,” who believe that you should leave the world a better place than you found it. That inspired me help Toronto become a better place to live.


NIH: What excites you about development in Toronto?

MG: Toronto is a world-class city. I read all about everyone predicting the end of the real estate cycle — I just don’t see it. Toronto cityscape was a development by planner Jane Jacobs. Her thesis was that in order for a community to be safe, you need to have people living in an area on a 24-hour basis. You need traffic, pedestrians and such. Wall Street is always empty at night, which is why there are so many muggings.

In Toronto, we don’t have those concerns. Toronto has been developed as a work/live area. We have been able to bring in condos, offices, and retail all into the core, which has led to a 24-hour lifestyle. I love what Toronto has become, and that’s why I love building here.


NIH: What are some of your favourite projects?

MG: One of our favourite projects is Castle Hill Townhouses that we developed in 1990. It sits at the foot of Casa Loma and is an award-winning project. We really love how it turned out, and it is an example of how I like to help beautify Toronto.


NIH: Talk About Picasso: what do you like about it?

MG: We like that it’s unique.  We wanted to do something different from the common projects that you see in the area. With this, we, Monarch, and Teeple Architects made sure that we had a building that would really stand out.  This will truly be an iconic building.


NIH: Where did the alliance with The Monarch Group come from?

MG: I’m a developer. My passion is to help bring strong projects to Toronto that will help continue its legacy. I’m not a construction person though, and that’s where Monarch comes in. We share the same goals and they can help me see my vision through.


NIH: What’s next for you and the Goldman Group?

MG: We have a lot on the go. Obviously, we have a lot of work to do at Picasso, but we also have some big plans at Scarborough Town Centre. We are planning on launching a new project in that area that will include a new park and green space. We are excited about it!


We at the Toronto Star’s are huge fans of Picasso. We love when developers push the limits on projects and really make it their goal to exceed normal building standards. To check out one of the coolest projects in Toronto, visit the Picasso sales centre at the corner of Queen Street West and John Street, or visit Picasso’s official website for more information.


We would like to thank Mr. Goldman for his time, and we look forward to his next Toronto project!


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