SkyLofts Branding Nominated for ‘Best Project Logo’

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Stafford Homes Ltd. and Terra Media Design Ltd. have been nominated as a finalist for ‘Best Project Logo’ at the 2015 BILD Awards.

Read what the developers had to say about the thought that went into this creative design:

Project Description: Looking at the project the most unique aspect was the enormous amount of outdoor space, as well as the design of the homes that feature great ceiling heights and open-concept layouts.

When branding “The SkyLofts” we wanted to create a name that reinforced this concept and the feeling one would have when enjoying the actual space of the home to be constructed. Literally building “lofts in the sky”. The simplest and most straightforward name did the best for conveying the message of the product we were delivering.

The name was an important component of the project identity and the foundation upon which the logo design evolved along with the entire communication strategy.

The logo design specifically reflects the modern architectural nature of our “urban lofts”. The fonts and proportions of the logo reflect the physical proportions of the homes that will be built. The clean lines and the unique placement of the word “THE” in the “O” reflects the modern design and clean lines in the project. It expresses visually the fun spirit of a fresh new lifestyle in the existing traditional style community. The blue colours of the logo represent the sky and the unique outdoor space that all of the homes will take advantage of as well as all the natural light that the designs have allowed to flow into the homes. After all, we would never know if a home was beautiful without the natural light to appreciate it!
“Beauty can be nothing without light.”

The logo was integrated into all aspects of the marketing campaign – in signage, displays, letterhead, brochure, e-blasts, website, USB keys and envelopes. It has been used in both full colour and black and white versions. The clean modern look of the logo reinforces the overall branding of the project!

The SkyLofts Billboard