Sasha Cucuz Discusses Greybrook’s Proven Investment Strategy on Real Estate Talk Show


In the most recent episode of The Real Estate Talk Show, Erin McCoy sat down with Greybrook Securities CEO, Sasha Cucuz, to discuss how Greybrook helps investors partner with top developers to see returns in excess of 20% per annum.

Breaking down the development process step by step, Cucuz explains how developers finance projects through construction loans (~70% of project costs) and up-front equity (~30%) provided by investors such as Greybrook. This 30% equity goes towards buying a piece of land and soft costs (such as sales and marketing, planning, etc.), which allows developers to begin pre-selling units – a requirement to secure the construction loan that will cover the remaining hard costs (all aspects of construction) of the project.

Click below to hear Cucuz explain the rest of this process and how Greybrook has historically helped private investors see returns double digit annual returns.

In the second part of the Real Estate Talk Show, interview Cucuz discusses how Greybrook manages risk by being selective: choosing the right partners, working within the right structure and using solid underwriting to provide passive real estate investment options with significant returns. Click below to listen.