SkyLofts Presentation Centre Moving to a New Location

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Given the strong sales response for The SkyLofts, the first phases of construction including excavation and earthworks are expected to commence in the fall of 2015.   As part of this plan, demolition of the existing sales centre is required since it resides directly on the development site.

Current Skylofts Presentation Centre

Current Skylofts Presentation Centre

We are pleased to announce that a new location for the presentation centre has been selected at 70 Town Centre Court in Scarborough.  This is a high-traffic location only 10 minutes away from the development site, and a proven favourite among developers as it is just steps away from Scarborough Town Centre.

Once refitted, the new location would be used to continue sales of the remaining units, and for launch of the upgrade sales program.  Stafford is currently finalizing the upgrade option packages and the details are expected to be released to purchasers within the next 90 days.

Interior of Skylofts Presentation Centre. Photo via Terra Media Design

Interior of existing Skylofts Presentation Centre. Photo via Terra Media Design