Lower JCT. Drawing Significant Media Attention

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The news of Lower JCT. has been stirring quite a buzz on news and media outlets. Following the official press release, published by CNW on August 19th 2015, this feature has since been picked up by several pertinent and well-renowned sources including Yahoo! Finance, Morningstar, and Bloomberg Business.

Subsequently, the project announcement has inspired a number of articles further highlighting the merits of this up-and-coming development:

ypnexthomeAn article in YellowPages NextHome draws parallels to the well-established neighbouring communities of Roncesvalles Village and The Junction. It also outlines all the ways in which this redevelopment project is going to help the City of Toronto meet a number of longstanding objectives, including the realignment of Perth Avenue, preservation of land for employment use, restoration of a designated heritage building, and remediation of a former brownfield site.
mingpaoMing Pao, a popular news publication with the largest Chinese readership in North America, spoke very highly of the project and featured a picture from the Big on Bloor Festival, where Castlepoint Numa was showcasing this development.
insideTorontoInside Toronto followed up by interviewing Castlepoint’s development manager, Elsa Fancello, who was proud to say that Lower JCT. is “going to set the stage for a dynamic neighbourhood”, and Councillor Ana Bailão, who claimed that “I think it’s a really exciting time for our community.”
RENXThe Real Estate News Exchange provided an in-depth summary of the project plans, calling it a “community-friendly makeover”. The article delves into several key topics, including transit accessibility, Castlepoint’s strength in brownstone reclamation, the Auto Building preservation, and architectural & site plan considerations.
DailyCommercialDaily Commercial News focused on redevelopment efforts, citing the fact that RioTinto Alcan recently completed the clean-up of contamination from the site’s industrial past, and that the future holds plans for 565,000 sq. ft. of office, retail, and commercial space, and 540,000 sq. ft. of residential housing.

All of the articles made mention of the fact that Lower JCT will enable the creation of up to 2,500 jobs and will be home to 1,000 residents, each with a very positive outlook on the future impact to the community.