Sterling Road in the News Again!

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Adding to the newsreel surrounding Lower JCT. and the Sterling Road community is an in-depth article from the Toronto Star highlighting the artistic underpinnings and successful small businesses that have taken root in this area.

Considered an easy-to-miss urban industrial zone, the future home of MoCCA may have initially appeared to be an unlikely fit.  However, when you dive a little deeper, it is evident that Sterling has been nurturing its own unique culture over the years.  Buildings along Sterling Road have become home to a plethora of artistic and entrepreneurial ventures, from architects, artists, and galleries, to a circus school, an axe-throwing club, and Drake’s first recording studio.

Click here to see the article & slideshow, and to further discover just how much of a hidden gem this area is proving to be!

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An array of Sterling’s eclectic culture, via Toronto Star