MOCCA Rebrands, Will Occupy Five Floors of Tower Automotive Building in Lower JCT.

admin Commercial, For-Sale Residential, Lower JCT. (Bloor West), Southern Ontario

At today’s press conference, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) announced their rebranding and the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_Canada, devoted to the art of the XXIst Century. The new museum will occupy five floors of the heritage-designated Auto BLDG. (Tower Automotive Building) on the Lower JCT. site beginning May 2nd 2017, before expanding to a custom-made building situated on the same site in 2020.

The Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_Canada noted that Castlepoint Greybrook Sterling Inc. (a partnership between Castlepoint Numa and Greybrook Realty Partners) recognizes the cultural value the museum brings to the project and is making every effort to ensure that the new institution succeeds. After carefully thought-out negotiations in December 2015, the museum signed a long-term lease with Castlepoint Greybrook Sterling Inc., making a commitment of up to 40 years to occupy approximately 55,000 square feet of the historic Auto BLDG.

The museum will host works and exhibitions with the year 2000 as a start date for the collection, developing an international program of exhibitions, events and publications, and co-producing new works with national and international partners such as curators, museums, galleries, collectors and foundations.

More details regarding the rebranding and plans for the new museum are available within the press release:

The basic philosophy of the new museum will be based on the idea of the “agora”, a public space for working out democracy today, and the “nexus”, a space for exchange and networking. It will be “everyone’s living room”. As a space for knowledge production, it will be working out world issues through today’s art practices.

The Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_Canada will be “live” at all times, open to performative ways of working, new ideas, and it will welcome members of the public as activators. It will be enabling and generous in proposing works and programs where everyone can be a curator/actor of a larger scene. It will foster a new type of learning environment through encountering works of art that speak of the world today.

Check back soon for our coverage of the Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_Canada press conference.

Image via The Museum of Contemporary Art_Toronto_Canada