Storybrook in the Town of Fergus Project Update

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StorybrookEarthworks for the sales office and model homes is now complete at our Storybrook in the Town of Fergus development site. Site Plan approval and a building permit for the sales office was granted in August and construction is underway with a projected completion date of December 2016.

The required Zoning By-Law for the Storybrook model homes was approved by Council at the end of August, with formal zoning approvals expected by the end of September. Construction of the model homes is expected to start in late fall of this year, along with the commencement of topsoil removal and grading for the site.

We intend to host an exclusive Friends and Family event prior to the estimated marketing launch in early 2017, so sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on Storybrook and other Greybrook Realty Partners news.