Zev Mandelbaum of Marlin Spring featured on BuzzBuzzHome

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zev_marlinZev Mandelbaum (see image at right) of Marlin Spring Developments, Greybrook’s developer partner on Woodbridge and Tazzo Townes, was interviewed on Buzz Talk by BuzzBuzzHome regarding his family’s 60 year history in the real estate industry and his role in the business.

The feature details Mandelbaum’s experience in the industry prior to forming Marlin Spring, as well as how Marlin Spring came to be, the origin of the company name (which stands for Mark and Lindy Offspring, Mandelbaum’s parents), and what sets Marlin Spring apart from other developers:

Marlin Spring is not a new company. Our name is new, but we’ve been around for 60 years by way of our family, our background and our experience. We have resources that are vast, access to industry leaders and top consultants — all because we are part of this big conglomerate of real estate development.

We’ve learned from our mistakes, we’ve had access to seeing those mistakes that came before us, and are now able to come out with a product that is truly complete. We’ve witnessed many, many years of real estate development and numerous projects from start to finish.

We are also young, energetic and design-forward. We like to create projects in areas of the GTA where we see lots of room for growth.

Greybrook is thrilled to see one of our exceptional partners showcased for their proven and successful track record of development in the GTA real estate market.

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