Greybrook’s Impressive Pipeline Featured on RENX

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Following the coverage on the sale of 215 Lakeshore Boulevard, Greybrook was featured in a recent article on the RENX website showcasing our notable real estate investment portfolio in addition to speaking with Peter Politis, CEO of Greybrook Realty Partners, about the company and the state of the market.

“It is becoming more evident every day that there is a real gap in affordability between ground related housing so townhouses and homes, and condos,” states Politis. “We seem to be living in an era where we are witnessing the Manhattenization of Toronto where the generations before us thought everyone should be able to afford a house and have a four-bedroom, three bath house and a driveway and a backyard. In most other major cities around the world that is unattainable, unaffordable, it doesn’t even exist.”

That is turning those without a single family home into condo buyers whether they like it or not, he said.

“You might make a couple hundred thousand a year in this city and still, if you want to live anywhere close, you still have to buy a condo based on affordability.”

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