Lower JCT Construction Update

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Since our last Lower JCT. construction update, the foundation of two of the four West TWNS townhome blocks has been completed and foundational work on the two remaining blocks is currently underway. Construction work is being sequenced block-by-block, and framing work for the first block of townhomes is scheduled to commence later this month. Framing is scheduled to begin on subsequent blocks throughout November to January. Based on the current construction schedule, first occupancies are anticipated to begin towards the end of Q2 2018.

Image: Aerial South-facing view of Block 1 as of September 2017

In regards to progress on the AUTO BLDG, building services (including HVAC, electrical and sprinkler systems and plumbing rough-ins) are currently being installed throughout, and drywall installation has also commenced. Individual tenant fit-outs are scheduled to commence near the end of Q4, with the building anticipated to open towards the end of Q1 2018.

Image: Exterior and interior photos of the AUTO BLDG as of September 2017

We are pleased to announce that a new tenant has been secured for the AUTO BLDG and a lease signed for the entire 6th floor. Castlepoint, our developer partner on Lower JCT and several other developments, will be making the 6th floor home to their new corporate offices. We look forward to sharing more Lower JCT updates as they become available.