MOCA Toronto to Re-open May 26

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The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) will be reopening May 26th in their new home in our Lower JCT development. MOCA will occupy 55,000 square feet of the historic Tower Automotive Building (AUTO BLDG) with live activations dispersed throughout the building, as well as workshops, performances, screenings and talks. The museum will be free to the public during opening weekend and will welcome 15 local, Canadian and other international artists for the inaugural exhibition, titled Believe. Curated by longtime MOCA creative director David Liss, Believe will be the first exhibit at the museum since it temporarily closed almost three years ago.

We spoke with Liss about MOCA’s new home in our premiere issue of Greybrook Magazine last year. “Our mandate of presenting contemporary art with themes and issues that are relevant to the current human condition hasn’t changed,” said Liss. “What’s different is that we now have a bigger stage.”  Learn more about MOCA’s history and their plans for the future in “MOCA on the Move.”

Visit the MOCA website for a full statement regarding the museum’s reopening.

Image: South African Artist Kendell Geers’ BE:LIE:VE, 2002, will be part of MOCA’s inaugural exhibition