Toronto Places 5th in Millennial City Ranking

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According to Nestpick’s 2018 Millennial Cities Ranking, Toronto is the 5th most attractive global city for young professionals. An aggregator for furnished apartments across Europe, Nestpick created their Millennial City Ranking to analyse 110 cities on four primary concerns: Is there work available? Can you afford to live a good life? Is the city open and tolerant? And finally, can you have fun? A total of 17 factors across these four categories are ranked on a scale of one to ten, combined, and then normalised to calculate a city’s overall score. Toronto achieved a total ranking of 6.60 out of ten, only 0.54 points lower than the top-ranked city of Berlin. Toronto’s highest-ranking factors included Immigration Tolerance (9.9), LGBT Friendliness (9.8), and Startup Score (9.5), showcasing the city’s openness, diversity, and entrepreneurial business ecosystem. With the GTA’s low housing supply and ever-growing population demand, it’s no surprise that the city’s lowest score was in Housing Affordability (2.7), although Toronto is still more affordable than other global cities like London (0.5) and Amsterdam (0.6).

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