Toronto ranks highest in tech job growth across North America

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In a recent survey conducted by the CBRE, Toronto’s tech job market was ranked the fastest growing in North America for 2017. Toronto’s tech market created close to twenty-nine thousand new jobs, edging out Silicon Valley by over four thousand jobs. Toronto also ranks #1 in new tech jobs created over the past 5 years (approximately eighty-one thousand jobs), with the city taking the top spot once again in the overall “brain gain” category with over fifty-five thousand skilled workers moving to Toronto for tech roles.

Toronto’s booming tech industry was ranked fourth overall across North America, finishing above major U.S. markets such as New York City, Boston, and Chicago.  Of all the cities examined in the report, Toronto and Ottawa were ranked third and fourth in terms of rental rates, behind Montréal and Vancouver respectively, highlighting one element of what makes the region attractive to both work and live in. Overall, Toronto has become one of the hottest destinations for tech companies and talent.

Visit the CBRE website to download the full report.