Construction Progresses Past the 25th Floor at Max Condos

Stefano Portfolio Updates, Residential Development

Situated at  Dundas St East and Mutual St in downtown Toronto, construction continues at our Max Condos development, with Tribute Communities. The forming of concrete floors is well underway with forming progressed to the 25th floor and is expected to be completed to roof level by late February. Window installation for the building has progressed as far up as the 10th floor while the building continues to be enclosed at a rate of 1-2 floors of glass windows per week.

Interior walls are beginning to take form with our drywall contractor now positioned on site. In the coming weeks as individual suites start to take shape, more finishing trades will be on site to commence installation of tile, millwork, cabinetry, counters and hardwood flooring. These activities will be the main focus on site until early spring.

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