Greybrook: Uniquely Positioned to Acquire the Best Development Opportunities

Gabrielle McCullough-Murray Investing with Greybrook, Multi-media

Hear how our underwriting and acquisition capabilities lie at the heart of the firm’s success.

Integral to the success of any real estate development is a solid acquisition. The underwriting process is fundamental to ensuring an investment will create value for our investors. Through a close network of top tier developer partners, Greybrook benefits from unparalleled access to deal flow, continuously seeing and evaluating the best investment opportunities.

Responsible for both the underwriting and hands on management of each development, our asset management team provides the in-house expertise and experience to inform each investment decision. Carefully considering all facets of an acquisition including entitlement risk, leverage, and deal structure, our team recognizes that having a thorough understanding of the downside risk and upside potential lays the foundation for the future success of every project.

Watch the video to learn more about Greybrook’s acquisitions.