Majority of Homes Occupied at Towns of Cornell

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As the project enters its final stages, our latest townhome community in Markham has been welcoming its new residents. 

Greybrook is pleased to announce that occupancies have continued at the Towns of Cornell, our Markham townhome project alongside partners Tiffany Park Homes and Andrin Homes.  Construction of all 22 freehold townhome blocks have been substantially complete, with over 80% occupied and closed to date.  Interior finishings are well underway on the remaining townhomes and expected to close this spring.

The project’s urban townhomes, which commenced construction in spring 2019, have also began welcoming residents. Occupancies for the remaining will continue through to the scheduled registration in mid-2020. Having started construction in spring 2018, we are thrilled to see The Towns of Cornell transform into the latest community in the beautiful Town of Markham. Check out the progress for yourself, with the latest aerial footage of the project below.

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