Our Designers Walk Project Featured on Cover of Latest Ontario Home Builder Magazine

Kate Tsafatinos Portfolio Updates, Residential Development

“Within the next few years, a forest will rise from the concrete and asphalt along Davenport and Bedford Road in Toronto’s upscale design district.”

Ontario Home Builder Magazine recently featured our Designers Walk project (The Annex), with partner Cityzen Development Group, on the cover of their Winter 2020 Issue. Spotlighting the innovative vertical forest trend that has been popping up in cities across the globe in recent years, the article explores what the future of this unique building concept looks like in the City of Toronto.

Showcasing Designers Walk, a first of its kind vertical forest building in Canada, partner Sam Crignano, President, Cityzen, was interviewed on the features and design of our upcoming 22-storey, boutique residential condominium project at Davenport and Bedford Road. Inspired by the internationally renowned Bosco Verticale Towers in Milan, the building is designed by Toronto-based architect Brian Brisbin of the firm Brisbin Brook Beynon. Expected to house over 450 trees throughout, Crignano discusses the significant amount of science and technology involved in the planning and creation this type of building, including complex watering and feeding systems controlled by offsite computers in order to sustain the viability of the greenery.

Beyond offering future residents an enhanced level of nature in an urban environment, the building will also boast a number of sustainable features with benefits to the surrounding area.  Its structurally integrated trees will not only help absorb CO2 from the environment, it is also intended to support a more biodiverse urban landscape and help mitigate the heat-island effect of the city.

To read more about our pioneering project you can read the full story here.


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