COVID-19 Conversations: How is the Development Industry Adapting & What Investment Opportunities Exist?

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The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation in our lifetime that is having a major impact on nearly all facets of our lives. As our team continues to work remotely, we remain focused on managing our active development portfolio and evaluating new investment opportunities across our chosen markets.

In our second webisode of COVID-19 Conversations, Greybrook Realty Partners, CEO, Peter Politis shares our on the ground experience with Director, Private Capital Markets, D’Arcy McConvey, and discusses how the development industry is continuing to adapt to drive progress on projects while establishing protocols to ensure safety of all people involved.

Topics addressed include:

  • With construction continuing to be deemed an essential service, how is the construction industry adapting to ensure the safety of workers and progress on development sites?
  • Are new home sales happening and how have developers and brokers adapted to the market and selling homes during the pandemic?
  • Are home purchasers still closing on the homes they purchased pre-COVID?
  • Is Greybrook seeing new investment opportunities arise as a result of the pandemic?
  • How is Greybrook approaching acquisitions and what are the opportunities we are seeing in the market?

In case you missed our first webisode, COVID-19 Conversations: The Impact on Real Estate Development with Sasha Cucuz, CEO, Greybrook Securities Inc., you can access it on-demand here.

We are committed to keeping our investors, stakeholders and communities informed and connected throughout this unique and evolving moment in history. We welcome your feedback, and want to know what questions you want answered as we work so we can provide you with engaging and relevant content from our vantage point.

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