COVID-19 Conversations: 100 Days Since Lockdown Began – Where Are We Now?

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As governments begin to lift restrictions and reopen the economy, it is an opportune time to take a look back at the first 100 days of COVID-19 lockdown measures and the impact it has had on the real estate development industry. 

In our latest webisode of COVID-19 ConversationsGreybrook Securities Inc., CEO, Sasha Cucuz, sits down with Director, Private Capital Markets, D’Arcy McConvey, to reflect on this unprecedented time and the effects this disruption has had on the industry to date. Sasha also provides key insights on what we have seen across our active investment portfolio while sharing his perspective on where we are headed in the longer term.  

Some key highlights covered in the conversation include:
  • How have municipalities adapted to working remotely and progressing existing planning applications? 
  • Are homebuyers responding well to the industry’s adoption of new virtual sales and marketing tools and returning to the market?   
  • Will the impact of the pandemic disrupt the market’s long-term fundamentals
  • Is Greybrook seeing any new investment opportunities emerge 

In case you missed either of our first two COVID-19 Conversations webisodes – How is the Development Industry Adapting & What Investment Opportunities Exist or The Impact on Real Estate Development, you can conveniently access it on-demand. 

We are committed to keeping our investors, stakeholders and communities informed and connected throughout this unique and evolving moment in history. We welcome your feedback, and want to know what questions you want answered as we work so we can provide you with engaging and relevant content from our vantage point.

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