Our CEO Sasha Cucuz Featured Guest on Popular Gower Crowd Podcast

Kate Tsafatinos featured, Insights

In his recent podcast appearance, Sasha shares his insights on investing in real estate and discusses the Greybrook investor experience.

In a recent episode titled The Art of Delivering High Quality Real Estate Investment Opportunities on the Gower Crowd podcast, founder and host Adam Gower invited Sasha Cucuz, CEO, Greybrook Securities Inc., on as a leading real estate professional to discuss investing in high quality real estate and Greybrook’s investment approach.

In his episode, Sasha shares his insights on various investment opportunities, the investor journey and complexities that can accompany real estate development. Some additional topics include,

  • How real estate developers deal with one partner strategy
  • The difference between real estate capital from individual investors vs. institutional investors
  • The bridge between the individual and the real estate developer
  • Greybrook’s approach to decision making and much more.

To learn more watch Sasha’s episode above or listen on any of your favourite podcast platforms – Apple, Stitcher, YouTube and GooglePlay.

For more information on Sasha’s podcast episode visit the Gower Crowd shownotes page.