Toronto Ranks #2 in Global City Outlook Top 10 List

Kate Tsafatinos featured, Insights

While one might not be surprised to see Toronto among the top global cities in annual published rankings, the city’s most recent ranking in Kearney’s 2020 Global Cities Report is one of the most exciting rankings yet.

Ranking #2 in the report’s 2020 Global Cities Outlook (GCO) Top 10 list, Toronto jumped up nine spots from its 2019 position, behind London and ahead of global heavyweights Paris, Singapore and Tokyo. Toronto was the only North American city Kearney’s GCO list ranks the top cities creating the right conditions for future status as major global players. The ranking evaluates cities across four dimensions: personal well-being, economics, innovation, and governance, which the report describes as determinants of a city’s ability to attract talented human capital, generate economic growth, increase competitiveness, and ensure stability and security.

Assessing over 151 cities from across the world, the comprehensive report provides an assessment and perspective on where large urban centres stood as the global pandemic hit and highlights the intensifying competition for global status in an increasingly fragmented and volatile world. Amid the changing global dynamics, Toronto has been recognized across many global city rankings as a dominant force in innovation and technology, diversity, global connectedness, culture and viewed as a city with stability, strong governance and private investment that has and will continue to fuel the city’s future growth.

With strong immigration policies at the Federal level and Toronto’s growing dominance on the international stage, the city is poised to attract a diverse talent pool and global investment in key industries and well positioned to emerge as a stronger, more vibrant and resilient city post-pandemic.

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