CEO Sasha Cucuz Guest on Smart Density’s ‘From the Ground Up’ Digital Mastermind Webinar Series

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Sasha Cucuz, CEO, Greybrook Securities Inc., was a guest on Smart Density’s ‘From the Ground Up’ webinar, a virtual digital mastermind series profiling Toronto’s top city-building innovators.

Host Naama Blonder and co-host Lirad Kligman spoke with Sasha who shared his experience in real estate investment and insights about leaving a positive impact on the industry. In this episode, Sasha answers thought-provoking questions on real estate investment strategy, portfolio diversification, and the collaborative nature of the real estate industry.

Also hear Sasha’s take on starting in real estate, giving advice to growing developers and reflecting on Greybrook’s partner centric approach.

Watch Sasha’s Smart Density’s full episode below.

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