Family-Friendly Developments in the GTA

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As families grow and transition into new life stages, they play an important role in creating communities and building the demand for more functional family-friendly developments outside the city core.

Factoring in the desire for more space and access to amenities like schools, green space and lifestyle conveniences, families are looking for an affordable well-connected location to call home. In 2020, buoyed by lower interest rates, many homebuyers took the opportunity to enter the housing market, increasing demand for single-family homes across the GTA – especially in new home developments within family-friendly communities.

From multi-family high-rise developments to stunning townhome and single-detached collections, Greybrook’s diverse portfolio includes many developments in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region that support growing families during each stage of life.

What makes a community family-friendly? Here are five key components that we believe helps define what it means to be a family-friendly community:

Educational Resources

Evaluating the proximity to educational institutions such as schools, daycares, libraries, and museums play a key role in providing an academic and supportive environment for kids to grow. School location impacts everything from commute times of the parent to access to daycare and other after school programs.

Public Spaces

Kid-friendly spaces like parks, playgrounds, bike paths, trails, and community centers are staples of any family-focused neighborhood, offering plenty of open green space where parents and children can enjoy an active lifestyle.

Growing Opportunities

Working parents need opportunities close to home with convenient commutes to other thriving urban centres. Families will often compromise on commute times for larger more affordable homes with proximity to major highways and routes into downtown cores. At Greybrook we invest in growing cities that are making strategic investments in their communities to diversify their economy, create infrastructure development, transit funding and job opportunities.

Neighborhood Convenience

You cannot build a community without the people and necessities to go with it. A strong community network creates safer neighbourhoods and thriving local businesses, retail, bars, and restaurants.

Home Design

Home design and space is a top factor for the end-user who is looking to purchase a single family-detached home or townhome. Homebuyers are looking to grow with their home as they enter different stages of a raising a family.


Alongside our best in class partners, at Greybrook, we are developing a wide range of family-focused residential developments across the GTA. Click to view a few of these developments currently available for sale.